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Êîäû (cheats) ê èãðå Need for Speed - Most Wanted Black Edition

Загрузил Admin
Дата загрузки 8/2020
Размер файла 5 Mb
OC Windows/MacOs/Android
Язык русский/английский
Лицензия бесплатно


You can enter those CHEATS at the "Press Êîäû (cheats) ê èãðå Need"screen.

The accuracy of these cheat codes is 100% right and confirmed by EA.

castrol - Unlock Exclusive Castrol Ford GT

burgerking - Unlock Burger King Challenge

givemegtr - Unlock BMW M3 GTR(Race Version#1)

givemecorvette - Unlock Corvette C6.R

eventcomplete - Complete All Challenge Series Event

mwperformance - Unlock All Most Wanted Upgrade/Tuning Performance

mwunlockcars - Unlock All Most Wanted Cars,with Cop and Traffic Cars.

mwblacklistvinyl - Unlock All Most Wanted Blacklist Vinyl of Blacklist Cars.

reventonfx - Unlock Lamborghini Reventon

(Replace in your Safe House in Career Mode)

bugattiveyron - Unlock Bugatti Veyron

(Replace in your Safe House in Career Mode)

Update by: ANMOL GUPTA

You can enter those CHEATS at the "Press Enter" menu.

The acuracy of these codes has not yet been confirmed, so test (cheats) ê.

castrol - Exclusive ford GT

burgerking - Unlock bugerking challenge

regmebaby - Gives you 20,000 in career mode to start

opendoors - Access to whole driving world

ordermybaby - Access to all cars

gimmevisual1 - Unlocks Visual Upgrades Tier 1

gimmevisual2 - Unlock Visual Upgrades Tier 2

needperformance1 - Unlocks Performance Upgrades Tier 1

needperformance2 - Unlocks Performance Upgrades Tier 2

goforoldspice - Unlocks Old Spice Vinyl

needmybestbuy - Unlocks Best Buy Vinyl

gotmycingular - Unlocks Cingular Sponsor Vinyl

gottahavebk - Unlocks Burger King Vinyl

gottaedge - Unlocks Edge Sponsor Vinyl

At the main menu select quick race and then custom race.

Choose Sprint and select track 1 (Seaside & Powerstation).

Then choose any car you like,and go racing.Now you can drive the

opposite way without being resetted,so you now can drive anywhere

you like in the city,without traffic or cops! But be aware that you

can drive through those yellow arrow barriers from the outside,but

you can't go back.This was done with Version 1.2 and only seems to

work with track 1,the other tracks resets you.

when you are in career mode and defeating any blacklist member then some races

have to be won then in that when cops are near you then press alt+f4 then when

cop will catch you then no money will be lose from your carrer mode.

If you are afraid of doing races which has maximum cop probability, this is best

for you. Just when the race is over press alt+F4 and your race win will be saved.

I do same thing always. Trust me.

Upper Nihal BLP. HP.

If you have a low performance car, the opponent car should be

also low performance. BodyWork On cars makes cars slower.

Hey! If this cheat works, Tell me next submitter please.

At the main menu type" i am most wanted"


Rivals also become ghosts. 2 make them normal, switch ghost mode off so that all of

u r normal and switch it on then. THIS TIME ONLY U R GHOST THEY WILL HIT VEHICLES,

Even a newborn can DRAG Now:

Enable GHOST MODE using a TRAINER. Transfer your car's gear-shift up control to

RIGHT SHIFT for better handling. Now accelerate and watch out for Shift Signal and



Body 5 is heaviest and hence makes ur Lancer Evolution VIII heavier increasing its

ground grip and prevents its toppling on using speedbreaker.

Even a newborn can Defeat Razor Now:

1. Take Earl's Pink Slip. If u cant, dont worry. Purchase a LANCER Evolution VIII

from car lot. Actually The Only adwantages of earls car are that it has pro parts

already istalled in it. After all its a blacklist member's car. NOW READ ON &


2.2 Professional Transmission

2.3 Ultimate Suspension

2.4 Ultimate Nitrous Kit

2.5 Ultimate Tires

2.6 Need For Speed Most Wanted [мод: много денег] на андроид Ultimate Brakes

2.7 Ultimate Turbocharger

computer. Download trainer by override2zion.

2.2 Junkman Nitrous Kit

2.3 Junkman Tires

2.4 Junkman Brakes

2.5 JUnkman Turbocharger.

fact that they indeed increase ur cars top speed and acceleration to max. But THIS

IS A DANGEROUS CHANGE 2 UR CAR because once the speed and pickup increase beyond or

equal to ur handling limits, THE CAR BECOMES UNCONTROLLABLE.

Turn infinte nitrous and ghost mode on using a trainer.In Ghost mode u Can drive

through objects. U must have windows XP, press windows key to get to desktop and

Hibernate ur pc. Restart ur pc, get into game and

fact that despite of its max speed and pickup, its handling is 50% not allowing me

to touch its maximum speed unlike NFS CARBON which i ended befoe nfsmw. in nfs carbon

m3 has good handling. I wanted to make an equivalent car in nfsmw and i did it as done

system is hibernated. Upon restarting system resumes from its previous state in which

we pressed shift and still remembers it besides other things. Hence this time even not

touching shift key it lets the n itrous remain on. Hence we xploit

a command in XP to which the game is unaware. Hence it cant be blamed Чит-коды для Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) (PC) (+трейнеры) 2 b a cheat

because we are not violating the rules of the game but XP.

While surfing the net, I came across many people who downloaded nfsmw from net in

compressed form which did not contain any movies. Search blacklist english ntsc vp6 in

google. You will find a page named blacklist_08_english_ntsc.vp6[Translate This Page]

on a Russian site. Now, you just vary the number from 01 to 15 and directly download

and save the files to a folder named MOVIES and copy this folder to these places;

They will then run during the game.


Search, Download, Save and Run nfs multimedia converter in google.

Do nt convert all files at once. Convert them by copying one file at a time to some

other location and converting it first and so on. OTHERRWISE, U'LL SURELY GET ERRANEOUS

OUTPUT. after their conversion, watch all of them to check for possible corruption,

sound mismatch and/or poor video quality. If so convert that file again.


After completing the rivals with the black list,you should select three markers instead

of two in a fast manner.you can skip the next blacklist and the alternate blacklist

You are selecting three markers instead two for Blacklist15,you will skip the blacklist14

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